HSC Admission Circular 2018 | XI Class Admission Apply Online

HSC Admission Circular 2018, XI Class Application System 2018. Sincerely Congratulations to all those who have recently passed SSC Examination. After passing the secondary level you are at the Higher Secondary level. You must be worried about how to apply for class XI admission, how would be the admission test etc. But you do not have to worry about admission in XI Class. If you follow our guidelines, then the entire matter with HSC admission will be very easy.

XI Class Admission Circular 2018:

In the XI class, the Admission will start on May 13. It is known that the draft policy has been proposed to apply for admission to online and SMS as per the previous year. You can apply online at least five and maximum 10 colleges or madrasas. For this, it will be 150 TK. You can apply to a college on every mobile phone in the mobile phone. For this, you have to pay 120 rupees. However, no student can apply to more than 10 institutions by SMS and online.

(একাদশ শ্রেণিতে প্রথম পর্যায়ের আবেদন গ্রহণ ১৩ মে ২০১৮ থেকে ২৪ মে ২০১৮ তারিখ পর্যন্ত)

Finally, we have been able to provide you enough information regarding the class XI admission 2018. We have discussed the entire process of admission in our guideline & presented information about which requirements you have to qualify for the admission and when to apply. Actually, the process of admission in class XI is a simple way. You just need to follow the guidelines step by step. Thank you so much for being with us.

When will JSC Result 2018 Publish?

When will the JSC Result 2018 Publish? A large Number of people don’t know the exact date for publishing the JSC Exam Result 2018 Under Education Board Bangladesh. Every Year, The JSC Result publish on the different times. We have here providing all necessary information about Junoir School Certificate (JSC) Exam 2018. So, JSC Result Publish date is also an important topic under JSC 2018. If you are a JSC Examine 2018, or a Guardians or other someone who wants to know the JSC Result Date 2018, you will get this Information in here when it will available. Basically, Every Public Exam Result Publish before announcing the Result Publish date by the Ministry of Education. We will inform you the Original Date of Publishing the Result after the announcement.

Official Date for Publishing JSC Result 2018:

Everyone wants to know the Official date for publishing the Education Board Result. It is very important to know because too many tension available in the Mind about the Result Publication. When I was a JSC Examine and I’ve attend in the JSC Exam, I’d been feeling afraid to publish my Result. So, it’s very common. But, if you know the exact date for Publish your Result, you will be feeling free until the Result publishes date. We are working here to provide the exact date of JSC Result 2018 Publish. The Official Date of JSC Result 2018 is 30 December 2018.

JSC Result 2018 Publish Date:

Every Year, the JSC Result and all other Public Exam Results have published after 60 Days (2 Months) from completing the Exam. In 2018, The JSC Exam started on 1st November 2018 and continued till 15 November 2018. So, The Expected date of Publishing JSC Result is 30 December 2017. In 2017, The JSC Result has published on 30 December 2017. So, make the expected date for publishing the JSC Result Date 2018 as 30th December 2018. We will provide the exact date when the Ministry of Education will announce the official Date to the Press.

We hope that by Reading this post, you have successfully understood about the JSC Result 2018 Publish date. If you want to know more about the JSC Exam Result Check System, Full Marksheet Download or any other Information, Just Go to our Homepage and Read the necessary post which you may Like to Read. Thank you for your Interest to Read this Post.

How to Check HSC Result 2018 fast by Teletalk?

How to Check HSC Result 2018 fast by Teletalk? Teletalk is the only Government Operator in Bangladesh. All the Access of Education Board like Admission, Admit card Download, Admission fee payment and Education board Result Check opportunities are available on Teletalk. The users, who have attended in the HSC Exam 2018 under any Education Board in Bangladesh, can check their Result Instant via Teletalk when the Result will publish officially. We have added all the necessary information about How to Check HSC Result 2018 fast by Teletalk from our Important Visitor like you. So read the details information and check your Result fast. 
How to Check HSC Result 2018 fast by Teletalk BD?
If you are a HSC Examine 2018 and if you don’t have a Teletalk SIM (Connection), You must require to Buy a New Teletalk Prepaid Connection because it’s always needed to the Education Section in Bangladesh like HSC Result fast Check, Polytechnic (Diploma in Enginering), MATS (Medical Assistance Training School), IHT (Institute of Health Technology), HSC Admission Application form submit, Admission fee Payment, and all other Opportunities are available in Teletalk. The Teletalk Connection is most important and it’s also requiring to Apply University after Passing HSC Exam, Just not only for HSC Result 2018 Check. 

So, Recharge your Mobile Account and keep Sufficient Balance. Then, Go to the message option from your Teletalk Mobile and type the below format. Then send the Message to 16222 only after publishing the Result by Education Board Bangladesh.
HSC <space>Education Board Name 1st Three Letters <space> HSC Roll <space> 2018

  • HSC DHA 123456 2018 to 16222 to check Dhaka Board Result
  • HSC RAJ 345678 2018 to 16222 to check Rajshahi Board Result
  • HSC DIN 456789 2018 to 16222 to check Dhaka Board Result
  • HSC BAR 567890 2018 to 16222 to check Dhaka Board Resul
  • HSC JES 678901 2018 to 16222 to check Dhaka Board Result
  • HSC COM 789012 2018 to 16222 to check Dhaka Board Result
  • HSC SYL 890123 2018 to 16222 to check Dhaka Board Result
  • HSC CHI 234567 2018 to 16222 to check Chittagong Board Result
  • HSC TECH 901234 2018 to 16222 to check Technical Board (BTEB) Result

Check HSC Result 2018 fast by Teletalk General Conditions:
  • The user who want to send the Message need to replace the Roll Number Only from the above Example Format.
  • The Examine must require Typing the SMS Format with their Information correctly.
  • The Examine must require sending message after Publish the Result Officially.
  •  Every SMS Sending, The Sender with will be charged 2.44 TK (including All Taxes) from the Account Balance.
We have that after reading this post, you will be understood about the Answer of How to Check HSC Result 2018 fast by Teletalk. Do you have any more questions? If yes, you can make a comment. You will receive an Answer from your Specialist soon. Thank you for visiting us.

HSC Result 2018 Check by Mobile SMS

HSC Result 2018 Check by Mobile SMS! All the Mobile Phone users in Bangladesh can check the HSC Exam Result easily from their own Mobile Phone by Sending a Message when the Result will publish. If you are a HSC Examine, or a Guardian or a Relative of Examine, you can check the Result after publishing the Result Officially. Here we are describing about the HSC Result 2018 Check by Mobile SMS System clearly where you will get the complete concept according to the Result Check features. We hope by reading this post, you will be eligible to check your Result Very fast.

How to Check HSC Result 2018 by Mobile SMS?

While the Ministry of Education has announced the HSC Result 2018 Publish Date, there is a big excitation working on the mind of the Examine and their Guardians. So, everyone is thinking to check their Result fast from others. While whey will try to check their Result online, it may take more times because of connection lost, site not working, server error and some other problem detect. But at a time, they can check their Result easily from their own Mobile phone by sending a Message to the destination. If you are ready to check your HSC Result 2018 by SMS, Just go to your Message option and type the below keyword. Then send the message to 16222.

HSC <space> 1st Three Letters of Board Name <space> HSC Roll <space> 2018

Example: HSC DHA XXXXXX 2018 to 16222 for checking Dhaka Board Result (Just Replace the XXXXXX with your HSC Roll Number.

HSC Result 2018 by SMS Conditions:

There is some conditions are available where you will going to check your HSC Result 2018 by Mobile SMS. So, follow the below Conditions fast and check your Result instant when the Result will be published officially by the Education Board Bangladesh.

The Customer must require to send the Message with correct Format which available in the above.
The users must require to send the Message after Publishing the Result by Education Board
Every sending Message (Successful/Unsuccessful), the user will be charged 2.44 Taka from their Main Account.
If everything is Ok, The user will Receive their Result as soon as possible.

Finally, we hope that you have successfully understood about the HSC Result 2018 Check by Mobile SMS. If you want to Check your Result Online, or want to Download the HSC Result 2018 Android App, Just Visit our Homepage and try to read these post which you may like to Read. Thank you for visiting here.

HSC Result 2018 Android App Download

This is about HSC Result 2018 Android App Download! All Education Board Bangladesh and Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has launched an Official Android Mobile App. The Examine can check their Result by this App. It is very easy to check Public Results by the App. So, everyone will be eligible to check their HSC Exam Result 2018 under Education Bangladesh easily when it will available. Just stay connected and check your Result fast and Free via HSC Result 2018 Android Mobile App. Get details from the below.

HSC Result 2018 Android App on Play Store:

You can easily install the BD Result Android App for check your HSC Result Bangladesh. The App is available on Play Store. If you have a Google Account (Gmail), you can install this easily. Just Click in this Link and then you will be redirected to Google Play store. Then click to Install button and Install the App. If you didn’t log-in, log in with your Google ID. After installing, you will eligible to Check Education Board Result. If you don’t have a Google Account, follow the below step to install the App.

How to Download HSC Result 2018 Android App APK?

The user who want to download the APK Version of HSC Result 2018 Android Mobile App, can Download it easily.  There are too many open sources available where you will get the App. To provide you direct Download link, we have uploaded the APK App in our Site. Here is the Download Link in the below. Just click in the Download link and Download the APK File. Then Open it to install in your Android.
If you face any problem or the Download link doesn’t work, please inform us via the below comment box. We will review your query and it will be changed soon. Thank you for being with us.

How to Check HSC Result 2018 Online?

Do you want to Check HSC Result 2018 Online? The HSC Examine 2018 under Education Board Bangladesh can check their Result Fast and Free easily from Online. The All Board Result fast publishes online. It is one of the best ways to check their Education Board Result Officially when the result published. In this Article, we are describing details about the HSC Result Check Online update Information with complete guideline. Just stay with us here and read the below information. We hope it will provide you the clear concept according to check the Education Board Bangladesh HSC Result 2018. 

HSC Result 2018 Online www.educationboardresults.gov.bd:

The Examine can check their HSC Result easily from the Education Board Bangladesh Official Result Check portal. Just Visit www.educationboardresults.gov.bd and then need to follow step by step guideline. As an Examine, first visit the link and then you will show the Result Check page. Select HSC/Alim from the Examination Category. Then, Select other Information like Education Board Name, HSC Passing (Exam) Year. Enter HSC Roll Number, HSC Registration Number in the Blank box of HSC Roll & Registration Number. Then solve the math and prove yourself as human and then click in the submit button. After submitting, you will show your HSC Result 2018 easily.

HSC Result 2018 eBoardresults.com:

The Examine can also check their HSC Result with Mark sheet easily from online when the Result will publish. Do you know what types of Information require to Check HSC Result from EBoard Result Portal? Here is the complete information. First, Visit www.eboardresults.com from your Internet browser. You can easily click this link to visit the Portal. Then Follow the Necessary step like choose Examination as HSC/Alim, Select Education board Name, Enter HSC Roll Number, Enter HSC Registration Number (Optional), Select 2018 as passing (Exam) Year and then Click in the submit button to View your Result. You can avoid the Registration number box to check your HSC Result 2018.

That is the update information for checking HSC Result 2018 Check Online. We hope that by reading this post, you can check your Result easily. Do you have any question? If yes, please feel free to ask here in the below comment box. One of our Agents will review your Query and reply you back soon. Thank you so much for staying with us.